Is 7 days in new york too long?

You can explore most of New York in 7 days. The above itinerary includes all the essential visits for your first visit to the Big Apple.

Is 7 days in new york too long?

You can explore most of New York in 7 days. The above itinerary includes all the essential visits for your first visit to the Big Apple. However, quite frankly, you can live in New York City and continue to explore new places every day. Although it is less famous and smaller than Central Park, Bryant Park is a small gem, surrounded by skyscrapers in Midtown and where you can experience a truly unique atmosphere.

During the Christmas period, it is one of the most magical places in the city, where a huge Christmas tree, an ice-skating rink and splendid markets of all kinds are set up. In the summer periods, on the other hand, it is a perfect stop to have a relaxing picnic and enjoy a suggestive green area in the heart of Manhattan. Obviously Central Park is so big that it will be impossible to visit everything. A good solution, weather permitting, could be to rent a bike to further appreciate the relaxed atmosphere.

If you entered on 81st Street, near the Museum, go first to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the largest lake in the park and in New York, around which a walkable path has been created admiring splendid views. Most of my family and friends who visit me spend an average of 4 days in New York and I am proud to show them everything possible. Honestly, right now I've refined and used this exact itinerary with my family and friends more times than I can count. The exhibition that most attracts my attention is a glazed cutout of a store display with thick layers of dust and debris from the day of the attack.

The New York skyline is a monument of a splendor that no pyramid or palace will ever match or come close to. Depending on your needs and the way you decide to organize yourself each day, consider buying the Metro card. This museum has fascinated adults and children for many years, covering the history of the Earth's evolution to the present day, with interesting testimonies and reconstructions of natural habitats. If you have more than 4 days in New York City (or want to exchange some of the activities mentioned above), this section is for you.

You will be fascinated by the architectural elements and how this station manages to maintain its elegance, despite the thousands of people who pass by it every day. Let me go one step further if you could only visit one place during your 4 days in New York City, this would be it. Your first day in the Big Apple is bound to be special, and I want to give you an excellent introduction to the city that I love so much. With an average of 6 million visitors a year, it is also the most visited museum in New York City and would take several days to properly explore it.

With more than 5 million visitors a year, this iconic New York City cathedral took 21 years to build because construction stopped during the Civil War. This 4-day New York itinerary will guide you through the top sights and dining spots you can't miss on your first visit to New York City. The Metro card is a magnetic card that you can recharge with any amount you want, which will gradually increase (pay-per-trip), both with 7-day subscriptions that allow you to make unlimited trips on subways and buses. Carnegie Hall Citywide partners with local community organizations to offer free concerts throughout New York City.

However, remember that if you plan to visit many paid attractions in New York, you can consider buying a City Pass, a card that gives you access to several monuments (although most of the time it's not practical). It was no easy task, considering that it took 16 years to build this monolithic structure, but it was worth the wait, as more than 50,000 people showed up on opening day. .

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